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Standardised Quail’s Egg Extract (E.S.O.C)

Standardised Quail’s Egg Extract (E.S.O.C.) contains different enzymes called: ovomucoids and ovoinhibitors. These have the scientifically proven ability to inhibit the human proteases responsible for the phenomenon of inflammation and consequently the triggering of the allergic cascade.

ESOC, an exclusive action mode:

The ESOC action mechanism is totally innovative and covered by numerous patents. It is an 100% natural product well tolerated whose action gives patient relief by swiftly alleviating the symptoms of the allergy (IgE).

Particularly effective in more than 70% of cases in adults and 85% of cases in children (see results of studies), ESOC is available in a variety of products that are intended as a natural complement to the various known treatments today.


Our quails, which are subject to a long and rigorous selection process, undergo regular veterinary checks. In addition, they receive organic food and produce eggs that are particularly rich in active principles.






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