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Quail's eggs, a powerful weapon against allergies!

It seems that one little egg is gifted with very substantial healing powers: science is proving it to us. This makes quail's eggs a favoured approach against allergies, and perhaps against many other pathologies, as the exploration of their many possibilities has not finished revealing their riches to us…

A particularly effective action

The wonderful scientific adventure of quail's eggs began in 1960, when a French quail breeder (R. Cordonnier) observed the gradual disappearance of asthma and dyspnoea in his wife (allergy: feathers, dust, dog hairs), after the regular intake of quail's eggs.
This observation was confirmed by another breeder who successfully tested out the same therapy with those around him.
This double observation aroused the full interest of Doctor Truffier

With the help of studies carried out over a large sample of patients (5,000 'cures' proposed in 10 years), he in turn observed the therapeutic properties of quail's eggs.

In 1968, his studies first focused on asthma, then on allergic diseases in general: asthma, periodic rhinitis, hay fever, spasmodic tracheitis, conjunctivitis and certain skin diseases (prurigo, eczema, psoriasis).

In 1978, his studies incorporated 10 years' experience and observations on patients having followed a detailed protocol and strict rules in terms of dosage, clinical and biological surveillance. Truffier already proposed a precise choice of egg strains. He would however go on to state: "it is important that the patient does not treat themselves, any old how and with any old eggs..."

The results obtained showed a success rate of over 70% in adults and 85% in children, and allowed him to publish a scientific work: « Therapeutic approach for allergic diseases via the ingestion of quail's eggs », for which he was to win the Marcel Zara prize.

At the same time, the scientist Gérard Lucotte, a Doctor in genetics and specialist in quail's eggs, published a work on the qualities of quail's egg whites against asthma Quail's eggs - active principle discovered. He believed that his fundamental works were sufficiently advanced to propose a more acceptable galenical form than raw egg cures. 

The combined research of Truffier and Lucotte was to serve as a basis for the Ovogenics scientific approach, as well as for the development of a new form of treatment.

Two studies of vital significance were also to aid this development.
Firstly, that of Lineweaver, who was to reveal a new fraction of the albumen, identified by the name 'ovomucoid'.

Feeney was to compare the activity of ovomucoids of 12 species of bird and drew the conclusion that quail's eggs were easily the most powerful inhibitor of human trypsin, which plays such a major role in the allergic reaction.

A Franco-Belgian scientific team led by Doctor Bruttmann, an expert allergist at the French Ministry of Health, carried out a double blind clinical study versus placebo with 33 allergists; this study confirmed the surprising results observed by Truffier (La Médecine Biologique, April 1995). Bruttman Clinical Evaluation

Other researchers dedicated all their activity to these discoveries:

In 1971, Dr Liu discovered that the white of quail's eggs contained enzyme inhibitors other than ovomucoid: ovoinhibitors, glycoproteins which are also natural de-inhibitors of serine proteases and have a powerful effect on trypsin.

In 1990, a Canadian study was to show that the ovomucoid in quail's eggs had a powerful activity on the elastase that acts in a large number of human pathologies, in particular in pulmonary emphysema and psoriasis.

In 1994, Dr Takahashi showed that, out of all avian species, the ovomucoid of quail's egg whites was the only one capable of inhibiting human trypsin.

The works of Dr Bruttmann (CHU de Grenoble, 2007) Rapport Vergnaud-2007-activite-trypsine-elastase-humaine - on the stability of ovomucoid and its inhibiting effect on trypsins and the works of Dr Sainte-LaudyEffect of ovomucoide on human basophile activation were to follow, which added to the many scientific publications.

The results of all this research led to the filing of several patents and the creation of Ovogenics.


Constant progress in biotechnology allows us to have an increasingly better understanding of the action mechanism of the enzymes contained in quail's eggs described as an antagonist of receptor-2 in serine proteases, which are the main factors responsible for allergic diseases. The properties of this little egg give rise to ever more interest and continue to be studied today.

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