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60, Avenue des Croix du Feu
B-1410 Waterloo

Courriel :

TVA BE 0838 441 868

Delta Lloyd Bank
IBAN BE67 1325 3595 8787 (132 5359587 87)

General conditions

1. - Except in the case of express written conditions to the contrary, all our sales and services are agreed on the following general conditions. We reject any contrary conditions appearing on the documents of our suppliers or clients.
2. - Our quotes are only binding to us when we have expressly agreed to be bound by them.
 Our prices are given for information purposes only, without any commitment on our part. The price invoiced shall be that applicable on the date of delivery of the merchandise.
3. - The orders of our clients are recorded by us within the availability limits of our stock. As a result, we reserve the right to only proceed with a partial delivery, without this fact giving rise to any compensation to the client. If we can only deliver a part of the order, the client shall be bound to accept this partial delivery.
 Any products that are not delivered are placed on a waiting list, with a view to their subsequent delivery after replenishing of our stock. The client shall undertake to accept this subsequent delivery, unless he has already notified us in writing that he wishes to reject the undelivered part of his order.
 Any totally or partially undelivered order may only be cancelled at the client's initiative after the passing of 24 hours after the date of recording the client's order, not including Saturday afternoons, Sundays and bank holidays.
 So as to avoid generating excessively high operating costs, we reserve the right to set a minimum order limit for each client and a delivery limit below which administrative and carriage costs may be invoiced.
4. - The delivery costs announced are for information purposes and do not necessarily apply. In cases where the client is entitled to cancel an order in accordance with the penultimate paragraph of the previous article, the cancellation shall not give him any entitlement to compensation for any reasons whatsoever.
5. - When the client cancels an order under conditions not provided for in the penultimate paragraph of article 3, a sum equal to 15% of the order amount shall be due as non-negotiable lump sum compensation.
6. - On delivery, the client is bound to ensure that a person qualified to represent it is present to take delivery of the merchandise.
 Our clients are bound to check the compliance of the merchandise, its apparent condition and the number of items delivered within 24 hours (not including Saturday afternoons, Sundays and bank holidays) following delivery. Any non-compliant or damaged products must be returned to us within the same period (not including Saturday afternoons, Sundays and bank holidays). Any missing items must be reported to us in writing within 24 hours (not including Saturday afternoons, Sundays and bank holidays). We do not accept any general and imprecise reservations.
 If the client still fails to take delivery of the merchandise ordered, we may choose to carry out the forced execution of the order or demand settlement with damages and interest.
7. - We are released from our delivery obligation or are entitled to postpone the delivery period without any fault on our part in all cases of force majeure, i.e. in the event of any occurrence partly or totally beyond the control of the supplier.
 The following shall in particular be considered as contractual causes of force majeure: working disputes, late delivery by our suppliers, situations of unrest, fire, natural disaster, events affecting means of transport, problems with our company's internal organisation such as absence of staff, lack of stock, an interruption to the energy supply, an IT failure, etc. We do not need to prove the unpredictability or inevitability of the disruptive event.
8. - The transport of the merchandise takes place under the responsibility of the transporter at our risk. However, transport between the pharmacies that are assigned to us at the request of a pharmacist shall take place at the pharmacist's risk. Delivery shall be deemed to have taken place once the merchandise has been unloaded in the dispensary. If the pharmacist asks us to deliver to a room other than the dispensary, this delivery shall take place under the responsibility of the pharmacist.
9. - There is no current account between our clients and ourselves. Payments made by our clients are first charged on the interest on arrears that is automatically due in accordance with article 12 below and subsequently on our invoices, starting with the oldest remaining unpaid.
10. - Merchandise that has not been paid for shall remain our property until payment has taken place in full.
11. - All our invoices are payable at the address of our head office. The means of settling our invoices shall form the subject of special agreements. In the absence of any such agreements, our invoices shall be due on the due date indicated on our invoices, without discount. In the event of late payment, we are authorised to suspend our deliveries.
 Any invoice remaining unpaid when due shall automatically and without notice incur interest on arrears at a contractual rate of 1.5% per month, with this being due for all started months.
 The sums due will be supplemented by a non-negotiable lump sum for administrative costs, equivalent to 15% of the unpaid sums, with a minimum of €125 in application of articles 1152 and 1229 of the Civil Code.
12. - Only invoices settled on time may be eligible for the granting of a possible discount 'on principal, interests, supplements or costs'.  This may be withheld in the event of payment arrears, and used to offset the sums remaining due.
13. - All sales and services are governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Brussels shall be competent.

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