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About us

OVOGENICS draws on its active principles at the heart of nature.

OVOGENICS is a Belgian company active in the healthcare sector. It looks for and develops innovative products based on specific enzymes contained in quail's eggs (ovogenica strain).

The activities of our laboratory are concentrated on the treatment of allergies (IgE). Its expertise and knowledge in the area of allergic reaction mechanisms make it unique. Both at the level of the creation and development process for its products, OVOGENICS has 30 years of research know-how at its disposal.

Renowned researchers and healthcare professionals have enabled us to acquire a better understanding of the action mechanism of enzymes and the particularities of those contained in quail's eggs. Thanks to its important research, we have been able to file several patents and develop products whose effectiveness has been demonstrated by several clinical studies.

OVOGENICS is constantly developing new registered natural products that meet two essential criteria: quality and safety.

Our laboratory complies with HACCP standards and has a BIO certificate and ISO 22000 certification.

OVOGENICS combines cutting-edge technology and ancestral know-how to develop products that are scientifically proven to be effective according to a rigorous process.

To make a commitment to health also means preserving nature and the environment, and that is why Ovogenics favours the use of duly certified natural ingredients at every stage of production.

 We have a clear objective: 

"To sustainably and naturally improve the quality of life of allergy sufferers"


History of research regarding quail's eggs


Scientific Committee:

Science Expert (French Ministry of Health) 
A Graduate in medicine and surgery – Université de Grenoble, 1965

          • Member of the “French Immunology Society“
          • Member of the “French Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society”
          • Member of the European Allergy and Clinical Immunology Academy
Biological Pharmacist, Doctor in Pharmacy 1970 

Former intern at the hôpitaux de Paris 1973
DEA in biophysics 1971
AEA in radiobiology and holder of the Saclay diploma for the use of in vitro radioisotopes 1972
  • He has specialised in immuno-allergology since 1978 and has written over 140 publications in this field. 
  • Since 2003 has been head of the immuno-allergy section of the Limoges CHU immunology laboratory and of a private immuno-allergological diagnosis unit. 

Obtained a Medical Doctor's diploma in 1981- Université Catholique de Louvain - UCL - Belgium

Holds University Certificates for Further Training in Nutrition, Oncology and Radiology

      • A founder member of the International Phytotherapy Institute - IPI
      • In charge of Accreditation in Phytotherapy - INAMI -Belgium - 2005
      • In charge of Accreditation in Phytotherapy - Ministry of Health - Italy - since 2005
      • He has taken part in a large number of Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy Congresses

Obtained a Medical Doctor's diploma in 1976 - Université de Liège - Belgium

        • Medical Advisor - The UCB Institute of Allergy – Brussels (2004)
        • Medical Manager Mature Products – UCB Center, Brussels (2004)
        • Senior Brand Medical Manager Mature Products – UCB Center, Brussels (2009)
        • Journaliste médical indépendant
  • PhD in Sciences (2010)
  • Master of Biotechnology, Liege University (2005)
  • Master of Food Microbiology, University of Brazzaville (2002)
  • Master of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Brazzaville
  • Bachelor of Physiology and Cellular Biology Cellular, University of Brazzaville

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